Wheel dolly for MT1500 Motorcycle Lift Table

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Wheel dolly for MT1500 Motorcycle Lift Table

APlus-WD is a Wheel dolly for the easy moving of motorcycle lift table MT1500(X)! Free shipping!

Total length approx 33″
With two 5″ diameter wheels

When you would like to move the lift, BE SURE there isn’t motorcycle/ATV on the table. Secondly, please remove the side extensions(APlus-SE)/Stabilizer bar(APlus-1019)/Ramp(APlus-R).

You can find a stud under the rear of lift table. The stud is to the right center at the very back edge and beside the “foot” of lift table. Please fit the stud through the hole of wheel dolly’s stem then the lift table’s rear end can be lifted.

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