Where to get a coupon of APlusLift MT-1500(X) motorcycle lift table or car lift?
We will release coupon at our social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+. Keep watching at our new post. Or you can approach your nearest motorcycle garages or shops. We will send some coupons to part managers for thanks to their support.

What will be the power unit of APlusLift MT-1500(X) motorcycle lift table?
With APlusLift MT-1500(X), you won’t be hard to lift the motorcycle with manual power and SWEAT again. You will need a compressor(NOT included by APlusLift) that will produce the required 100 PSI and a sufficient reserve tank sized for all the equipment you may be operating. Then push your foot on pedal, “UP” then lift up, “DOWN” then lift down, when you keep the pedal in horizon, the lift will stand. Our pedal is very easy to control as you can use one finger if you like.

What is the thickness of the steel on the Motorcycle lift of APlusLift MT-1500(X)?
The thickness of top table and X frame are both gauge 11. We welded the rigid rack under main table additionally to improve the table strength to 1500 lb. All other similar lifts use thinner metal for X frame. That's why APlusLift MT-1500(X) motorcycle lift table is sturdier than others. Maybe somebody told you they used thicker top but actually they used thinner X frame. Even the critical buyer thought our structure is more stable and smooth. You can read all reviews in third party website about APlusLift products. These reviews are independent sourcing and different with the reviews posted on own website. In some reviews, the customer complained defects like bad fastener, workmanship, air line. We have upgraded the lift against the problems but we can't eliminate the negative reviews because of third party platform.

What is the safety bar?
The most important part of safety system of APlusLift MT-1500(X) motorcycle lift table. Keep safety bar in use after the lift reached the expected height. Take safety bar back before you would like to decrease the lift.

Why the main table of APlusLift MT-1500(X) motorcycle lift is in smooth flat but some other companies with diamond surface?
If you watched the lifts in motorcycle garages, you will find most of them being smooth flat. It is the most durable surface, no crack, no split after years. We do want that you can use our lift for many years.

Where do I get replacement parts for my APlusLift MT-1500(X) motorcycle lift table?
We carry the most common parts in Washington. If we do not have the item requested in stock we are backed up by factory in China. Our parts system is in a same computer system with factory supply chains. No other lift companies in market can do this.