Warehouses in GA, IN, MO, NC, PA, TX, and WA


How good is your product?

You may read all reviews on our website, eBay, and Amazon for APlusLift products. These reviews are from real customers as you can tell. Some customer complained defects like bad fastener, workmanship, air line, bad installation manuals. We have addressed all the issues. Feel free to contact us if there are any issues you have.

Where do I get replacement parts for my products?

We carry common parts at a warehouse in WA. If we do not have a part in stock, we will ask the factory to ship to you in a few business days. No other lift brands on the market can do services in such speed.

What is the thickness of the steel on the Motorcycle lift of APlusLift MT1500(X)?

The thickness of top table and scissor frame is gauge 11. We welded the rigid rack under main table to improve the table strength to 1500 lb. All other similar lift tables use thinner steel for the scissor frame. That is why APlusLift MT1500(X) motorcycle lift table is stronger than others.

What is the motorcycle lift safety bar?

It is the most important part of APlusLift MT1500(X) motorcycle lift table safety system. Please keep the safety bar in place after the lift reached expected height.

Why does APlusLift MT1500(X) motorcycle lift use smooth surface but some other brands use diamond surface?

Smooth surface is more durable. It will last years without cracks or split. Most motorcycle shops use motorcycle lifts with smooth surface.