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Product, Order, and Shipping Questions


What is your warranty?

Three year parts warranty for HW-10KBP, HW-10KOH, AP-10SR, TR-10C, and TR-10CX car lifts ($299 value). Two year parts warranty for MT1500, MT1500X, MT1500XLT, MT2200, and MT2200X motorcycle lift tables and HW-SL6600X scissor lifts ($199 value). One year parts warranty for HW-8S and HW-8SXLT lifts.

We are confident in the durability of our products because we use quality materials. If you receive a defective, damaged or non-functional part, we will ship you a new one for free.

We do not provide a labor warranty. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada customers may need to pay shipping for replacement parts.

Where is your lifts made?

Our lifts are made in factories in multiple countries. Most lifts are assembled in China with parts from countries such as China, US, and Mexico. The power units of most of our car lifts are made in German-owned factories.

Will I have access to replacement parts after the warranty expires?

Yes, we have all replacement parts available in the US. We also have a repair center in Indiana.

We have been in the lift business for over 7 years. Prior to that, we supplied lifts for other brands. We have 8 warehouses across the country and we sell thousands of lifts each year. We will be in this business for a long time.

Recently we've been told by our customers that other brands have referred to us for replacement parts for their products after their warranty expired. We want to emphasize that most of our products are specially designed or have been improved to better serve our customers. While we appreciate the trust from these brands, we do not guarantee that our parts will fit products from other brands and we do not accept returns if you did not buy the related product(s) from us.

How do you compare your lifts to other brands?

We believe our lifts outweigh our competitor's for quality and price range. For example, unlike some other brands, we use laser machines to weld our lifts, making ours superior in strength and consistency. We are in constant communication with our factories, and we welcome our customer's feedback to further improve our products.

Will the lift handle my vehicle?

Please check the dimension specs on the product listing to see if the lift will fit your vehicle overall.

All our lifts are third party certified or factory tested for capacity. As long as your vehicle is below the lift capacity, it will work. Sometimes you may need to remove weighted items from your vehicle if the curb weight of your vehicle is close to capacity.

Which kind of hydraulic fluid should be used?

Most of our hydraulic operated lifts need about 10 liters (2.64 gallons) of hydraulic fluid. AW-32 or AW-46 is a good choice if the lift is always above 60 degrees. If the temperature is colder, we recommend AW-32. Hydraulic fluid over 46 (such as ISO 68) is a little bit too thick.

I have a question about the specs of a product.

On each product page, you may check the most common specs or download the installation manual for more information. If you want to know more details, the best way is to send us an email (to help@apluslift.com). We will check with our technician and get back to you.

What are the differences between CE and ALI certifications?

HW-10BP, HW-10KOH, and AP-10SR are CE certified (a European government enforced certification program) for 10,000LB capacity, and tested for 15% more (11,500LB) per load. TR-10C and TR-10CX are ALI certified for 10,000LB capacity, and tested for 50% more (15,000LB) per load.

Why do you recommend a 30A breaker for most car lifts while other brands ask for a 20A breaker?

We always give recommendations that are safe and applicable. A 30A breaker is not a hard requirement. A 20A breaker may work for our lifts most of the time, but occasionally it might trip. Please check with your electrician for the best advice.

Are your car lifts a double point release system or a single point release system? Chain drive or direct drive?

HW-10KBP-A, HW-10KOH-A, and AP-10SR use a double point release system and are chain drive. TR-10C and TR-10CX use a single point release system and are direct drive.

Can I use a 2-post lift for long term storage?

The 2-post car lifts are not designed for long term storage. You may leave the vehicle there for a few days but not weeks or months. For example, the hydraulic hose may be damaged due to high pressure in the hydraulic system.

Our 4-post car lifts are designed for long term storage.

Can I install a 2-post lift outdoors?

The 2-post car lifts are designed for indoor use in a temperature controlled environment only. They are not designed for outdoor use. There are three main risks: moisture, temperature, and sunlight:

  • First of all, the power unit wires should never get wet. Besides, the lift is made by metal and can get rusty when the lift is in wet. If you live near a sea coast, salty air may damage the lift as well.
  • Second, low temperature will make the hydraulic fluid too thick to flow.
  • Last, sunlight will damage plastic parts and paint as time goes.

What are the differences between HW-10KBP and HW-10KBP-A car lifts? How about HW-10KOH and HW-10KOH-A car lifts?

HW-10KBP-A and HW-10KOH-A lifts are improved lift models. Since the beginning of 2020, all our lifts are HW-10KBP-A and HW-10KOH-A models. So essentially HW-10KBP and HW-10KBP-A are the same lifts, and HW-10KOH and HW-10KOH-A are the same lifts. We use HW-10KBP and HW-10KOH as the shorter names.

What are the differences between HW-10KBP and HW-10KOH car lifts?

The HW-10KOH model has two posts connected on the top, and requires a 12 ft. ceiling. Two advantages of HW-10KOH lifts are:
1. The top beam may provide additional structural support.
2. There are no bumps on the ground, which makes it easier to move around when installing heavy parts like an engine.

The HW-10KBP model has two posts connected on the bottom., and requires a 10 ft. ceiling. If you have a very tall vehicle (such as 8' tall), you may still lift up to 6'9".

What are the differences between AP-10SR and HW-10KOH car lifts?

The AP-10SR model is with single point lock release, where a release level is pulled to release the locking mechanism on both columns at the same time. The HW-10KOH model is with double point lock release, where an operator needs to manually release the locks the lock from both columns.

What is the drive through width of HW-10KBP, HW-10KOH, and AP-10SR car lifts?

Both lifts have 100" drive through width (from carriage to carriage) and 109" width from column inside to column inside.

What are the combo arms for HW-10KBP, HW-10KOH, and AP-10SR lifts?

The lifts have different reach distance and are adjustable. There is a diagram on the car lift listing showing the range of each arm. If you use it asymmetrically, you may be able to open the truck door. For more information on asymmetric arms, a quick Google search will provide further detail.

What is the concrete requirement for HW-10KBP, HW-10KOH, and AP-10SR lifts?

We recommend 6" thick 3500psi concrete reinforced with steel or fiber glass in lifting area. If you always lift a vehicle below 9000LB, 4" thickness will be good. No cracks within 2 feet of the two posts. And please note that old concrete may not have sufficient pressure.

Alternatively, you may pour two concrete slabs at the positions of the two posts, each slab is 3'x3' with 12" deep or 2'x2' with 30" deep.

Why is TR-10C/TR-10CX lift much more expensive than HW-10KOH and AP-10SR car lifts?

Three main differences:

HW-10KOH and AP-10SR lifts are CE certified (a European government enforced certification program) for 10,000LB capacity. TR-10C and TR-10CX lifts are ALI certified for 10,000LB capacity.

HW-10KOH and AP-10SR lifts use a double point release system. TR-10C and TR-10CX lifts use a single point release system.

HW-10KOH and AP-10SR lifts are chain drive. TR-10C and TR-10CX lifts are direct drive.

Can HW-SL6600X arms be folded or rotated in 360 degree?

There are some screws on the arms that you may loose to allow the arms be folded or rotate in 360 degree. Please always remember to fasten the screws when you use the lift.

I have an issue with my lift.

Please check installation FAQ.

Orders and Shipping:

What payment methods do you support?

Our website supports all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Do you offer financing?

Currently we do not finance our lifts. However you may scroll down to the bottom of the page and click PayPal Credit for a financing opportunity.

Do I get a discount for buying more than one lift?

Yes, we offer a discount for purchasing more than one lift. Please text or email us with the lift model name and your zip code so we send you a quote.

Do you charge sales tax?

We collect sales tax in some states in accordance with the law of each state.

How does the shipping work?

For motorcycle lifts and scissor lifts, we offer free shipping to industrial commercial locations where a forklift is available in 48 US states. To ship to a business in a non-commercial location, or to a residence, there is a $60 additional charge. Liftgate service is an additional $50.

For 2-post and 4-post car lifts, we offer free shipping to industrial commercial locations where a forklift is available in 48 US states. To ship to a business in a non-commercial location, or to a residence, there is a $60 additional charge and you will still be responsible for your own unloading equipment (forklift, bobcat, tractor with forks, cherry picker, flatbed/rollback trucks, etc) as the car lift packages are too long to fit a liftgate.

Picking up from a freight terminal (we will find one for you) is always free.

Remote areas (such as Key West, FL) and high cost areas (such as Manhattan, NY) may have additional charge. We will contact you after you make the purchase.

For parts, we always offer free shipping in 48 US states.

I want to buy a car lift but I do not a forklift?

All car lift packages are over-sized. They cannot fit a liftgate. If you do not have a forklift, a similar equipment such as a bobcat, a cherrypicker, or a flatbed truck will also work. If you do not have any equipment, we can ship to a nearby freight terminal for you to pick up.

Where is the nearest freight terminal?

Please text or email us the product you are interested in and your zip code. We will find a nearby freight terminal for you.

Where is your warehouse? Can I do "same day pickup" at the warehouse?

Each of our lift models stocked in several warehouses across the country. You will find the warehouse locations on the product page.

All warehouses open Mon-Fri but the pick up hours may be different. We will send you an email to explain the pickup details after you make the purchase.

All orders require at least 24 hours notice from time the order is placed. No pick up on weekends.

When will the lift be shipped? How long will it take to arrive?

We ship in about 2-5 business days after the order is confirmed and the lift(s) is in stock. It may take longer time if there is a backlog or short of hands at the warehouse.

We always ship the lift(s) from a nearby warehouse. We will send you an email with a tracking number when we ship out the lift(s). Most customers receive their lifts in 1-2 weeks. Remote areas may take longer time to deliver as some trucking companies only deliver once a week. Trucking companies may hand the lift(s) to local freight partners for the delivery.

Shipping may be delayed when trucking companies are fully loaded or shorthanded. If you notice that your lift(s) was not moved in the last few days, feel free to contact the trucking company (phone number provided in the email) or us to see what the delay is.

I cannot track my lift. What should I do?

We send an email with a tracking number (a.k.a. PRO number) to every customer when we schedule a trucking company to pick up the lift from a warehouse. For all trucking companies, the PRO number will be active only after the freight is picked up. This is different from FedEx, UPS, or USPS systems.

If you cannot track the PRO number the day after the pickup, most likely it is because the trucking company was running out of time (happens more often during winter and harvest season), was short of hands, or changed the PRO number. Please do not hesitate to text or email us so we can check with the trucking company and get back to you.

Please note that the trucking company will not be able to find the shipping info if the PRO number is not active. This is because trucking companies use pickup numbers for all pickups. We can find out pickup status by providing a pickup number to the trucking company.

I want to change the delivery address. What should I do?

Trucking company charges additional fees (about $50-$200) for an address change after the lift is shipped out. Please email or text us the new address. We will check with the trucking company and see how much the charge will be.

I received the wrong lift. What should I do?

Occasionally the warehouse may ship the wrong lift to a customer by mistake. While it is rare, please do check the lift model when you receive it. If the model is different than what you ordered, please take a photo, refuse the lift, and contact us. We can either exchange it, or refund you in full.

I accidentally bought two lifts instead of one. What do I do?

We verify every order with our customers after your purchase, so if you purchase two lifts in two different orders (has happened a few times on Amazon), you should receive our confirmation email twice with two different order numbers. Please double check with every order and if there are any issues, let us know ASAP.

If you confirmed both orders and we shipped them out, we can ship one back, deduct return freight and 10% restocking fee, and refund you the rest.